Don't let your family drink bad water!

Let ACTION test your water and install the treatment system you need.

An improperly charged pressure tank, or leaking system can lead to high electric use and even an expensive pump failure.  Having a yearly check on these systems, along with a simple water test will assure you of your family’s personal health and safety.

I know at this point you are thinking:  “We have been drinking this water for years and we haven’t had a health problem.”  Well,  some health problems can take years to surface,   and by then it can be too late.

 A simple water test can be an easy way to assure you that your family is safe. Checking your system yearly can save you money and help prolong the life of your pump.

You now are asking yourself:  “Do I really need to spend that money.”  People spend hundreds every month on a phone that has all the bells and whistles,  and/or  their entertainment systems.  They pay a serviceman to check their heating system once a year.  Think about it:  To be out of water, or, worse, to be drinking water that has a high bacteria count and or even Nitrates, Lead, Arsenic and other harmful chemicals should be high on the must do list. 

 In comparison, the small amount you would be spending protecting your family’s health and  giving your self peace of mind is pennies on the dollar.

So call Action and start saving.